Love Like You'll Never Get Hurt

Paolo Albertazzi / Phil Foster

It's nothing like what you said 
Chemical reactions in my brain 
How come no drug can make me feel that good again? 

I turned to faith but it's too much 
I turned to lust with a cold touch 
I tried everything 
It's not enough 

You've got to love 
Like you'll never get hurt 
This is what you deserve 
Baby dry your eyes 
You've got to love like it's your last day on earth 
Give away what you hold 
Don't you waste your time 

My friends say I will be fine 
It will happen when you don't expect it 
All I want to know is when and why can't it be now? 

But I can't look at love with the same eyes 
It never feels like the first time 
I want everything 
It's not enough 

There's over seven million hearts in this city alone 
Seven million stories that could lead you where you belong 
What are you waiting for?